Got an empty house and absolutely no idea how to furnish it? When you’re trying to figure out which furniture will look best and fit best in your home, it can be more than a little intimidating. Zak’s, however, has a great tool that can help make all your worries go away.

Zak’s has a Room Planner on its website that will make life much easier for you. The room planner is actually an online plan of your room that allows you to create a layout of your room during the shopping process. You can change the dimensions of the room to suit your needs, add doors, windows and even plants before you drag your favorite furniture choices into the room. Then you can arrange and rearrange until you come up with something you like.

When you’ve got it the way you want it, you can save the design and go back to it anytime. When you finally have it exactly the way you want it, you can share it via email to sales people, family members or friends, or you can print it off and bring it to the store.

Zak’s also has another great resource with its Design Resources and Decorating Help. Customers can get some great professional design tips from their very own interior decorators and room designers. They can help you coordinate fabric prints with room colors in a style that is comfortable and attractive and brings your room together.

Zak’s’ designers and decorators can help you find the perfect design that matches your budget, lifestyle and décor. All you have to do is let Zak’s know what room you’re planning and they’ll have someone get in touch with you to help. Zak’s can help you with new trends, come up with new looks, etc.

The best part is that there is absolutely no additional charge for the design service – so why not take advantage of it by contacting us now!

Written by zaksfacts