Pillows are more than a decorative component with our bed linens.  Pillows provide us with additional comfort and support while we sleep.  Our quality of sleep is influenced by sleep positions, particularly in relation to how our spine is aligned or misaligned, which in turn affects our health and well-being.  Since a fair percentage of our time is spent sleeping, shouldn’t we find out what types of pillows are better for our body type and sleeping patterns?

Although most of us tend to look for the biggest and softest pillow we can find, that’s not always the best fit for everyone.  Loft is a term with which you will need to become familiar as it relates to the pillow height while laying on the bed.

A couple of things to consider when selecting the ideal pillow are your body type and sleeping position.  Typically, we are either stomach, back or side sleepers, but many of us are also multi-positional sleepers.  Let’s look more indepthly at what different types of sleepers need to provide a good night’s sleep.

Stomach sleepers will be most comfortable with a soft, thin pillow that provides support for your head while keeping the spine in alignment.

Back sleepers often sleep with their shoulders on the pillow, so you will be more comfortable with a low firm or high plush pillow.

Side sleepers have a couple of things to consider when choosing the best pillow.  Body type comes into play in this case.  If you’re tall with broad shoulders, a firm pillow with higher loft would be the most supportive while a shorter person with more narrow shoulders should choose either a low, firm pillow or a plush high loft pillow.

Multi-positional sleepers would best benefit from a pillow with one firm side and one soft side that could be flipped when you change positions.  You could also choose to sleep with a variety of pillows to accommodate your sleeping position as you move around.

The material in pillows is varied and affects the loft of pillows.  Pillows can be filled with materials from polyester, shredded rubber, feathers, wool, and herbs and seeds to name a few.  Different fillers provide varying levels of loft and accommodate other conditions like allergies and back pain.  Fillers also affect the quality and durability of pillows.

At Zak’s Sleep Shop, we feature Malouf pillows, a company that is passionate about great sleep and believes well-being involves being well-balanced.  Their line of Z pillows offers a fit for every style of sleeper.  Fillers in this pillow collection include memory foam, called Dough, latex, gel, down, gelled microfiber, and gel memory foam.  Dough Memory Foam is responsive and supportive.  Latex is soft and springy while relieving pressure.  Z Gel pillows are designed to provide a cool night’s sleep by capturing and dissipating body heat.  Gelled Microfiber pillows offer the traditional comfort of down while providing a hypoallergenic solution.  Gel Dough Memory Foam pillows offer a comfortable night’s sleep by relieving heat and pressure.  The Cotton Encased Down pillows are supportive and breathable.

The most popular styles of Malouf Z Pillows that we carry at Zak’s are listed below.  We can also special order any pillow from the Malouf collection, so come into Zak’s Sleep Shop to get the pillow that’s right for you!


zaks blog pillow shredded latex 8.20.15

  • Traditional pillow feel with the resiliency of latex
  • Consistent filling does not shift or clump and has quick loft recovery
  • Bamboo velour removable cover
  • Soft, resilient response
  • Consistent filling does not clump
  • Great for back and side sleepers


zaks blog pillow zoned latex 8.20.15

  • 100% natural Talalay latex, no synthetic additives
  • Zoned comfort cradles the head while supporting the neck
  • Ventilated for increased air circulation and breathability
  • Bamboo velour removable cover
  • Comfort zones for head and neck
  • Soft, resilient response
  • All loft and comfort options available


zaks blog pillow gel convolution 8.20.15

  • Cooling convoluted Dough®memory foam core
  • Feels like down, no odors
  • Multiple loft options available
  • Removable convoluted Gel Dough® core encased in Gelled Microfiber® fill
  • Different levels of customizable support for all sleeping positions
  • Luxurious down feel without odors, allergens and sharp quills
  • 100% Tencel® cover


zaks blog pillow Dough Z Gel 8.20.15

  • Z® Gel captures and distributes heat
  • Dough® formula creates a softer, more supportive memory foam
  • Bamboo velour removable cover
  • Cooling response with firm conforming support
  • Stable, uniform comfort experience
  • Great for back and side sleepers desiring a higher loft


   zaks blog pillow zoned gel calming lavender 8.20.15

  • Infused with real lavender oil for a natural aromatherapy experience
  • Ventilated for increased air circulation and breathability
  • Zoned comfort cradles the head while supporting the neck
  • Dough® formula creates a softer, more supportive memory foam
  • Bamboo velour removable cover


Written by zaksfacts