You have family members or friends coming into town and of course, you want them to stay with you in your home. But, is your guest room up to par?

A comfortable, inviting guest room makes your visitor feel right at home and if you’re able to make that happen it will take the stress out of the visit for you and your guest. So, what exactly makes for the perfect welcoming space?

First on the list is obvious – a comfortable bed. This is the number one most important thing to have before offering up your guest room. Giving your visitors a good, comfortable place to rest is crucial because we all know how difficult it can be to sleep when you’re away from home.

A great mattress makes all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep so finding the right one is crucial. First, determine how much room you have in the room for a bed, then based on that you can decide whether you need a King, Queen or Twin bed. Zak’s SleepShop has the largest selection of mattresses in the area with more than 70 models, featuring a variety of sleep technologies, from which to choose.

Another important piece of furniture in a great guest room is a chest of drawers. You’ll want your guest to have some great storage space for their clothes so they won’t have to keep dragging it out of their suitcase. The top of the chest is also great for your guests to put other personal belongings.

Pulaski Furniture’s Durango Ridge Chest will hold plenty as it boasts five drawers with the top drawer featuring felt lining, while the bottom drawer is cedar-lined. Another great choice is the Brookfield Gentlemen’s Chest. A beautiful piece of furniture, this classic, yet understated chest, features 15 drawers and works beautifully with both traditional and contemporary furniture.

A really cozy chair makes a guest room all the more inviting and is a great place to rest and relax or read a book. A great choice is the Zevon Chair, which is both elegant and comfortable, and features a sink-in, soft luxury cushion. If you prefer a leather chair, the Latitudes-Suffolk Upholstered Chair is a lovely accent to any room with its plush cushioning on the top seat and on the back.

Finally, your guest room should have good lighting. Not only do you want your guests to be able to move around the room easily, you’ll also want them to have lighting by the bed so they can read if they so choose. Zak’s has a wide array of both floor and table lamps to choose from, such as the Lamps Tanaro Grooved Glass Floor Lamp or the Old World Cora Table Lamp.

If you furnish your guest room these key items, it will be warm and inviting – and most importantly, it will make your visitors feel right at home!





Written by zaksfacts