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Did you realize that a third of your life is spent in bed? That’s a pretty significant amount of time to commit to being either comfortably or uncomfortably on a mattress.

Your mattress should be evaluated every seven years according to The Better Sleep Council. Although shopping for a new mattress can be a daunting task, perhaps considering what best suits your sleep style would not only help you have a better night’s rest but could improve your overall wellbeing.

Do you like that familiar bouncy feel in your mattress?

Innerspring mattresses have been popular for many decades due to affordability, firmness and comfort. A steel coil support system is used in innerspring mattresses. Spring shapes and coil gauges vary, and there are several different types of spring systems available. Upholstery materials like foams and fiber cover innerspring mattresses, and some are layered with smaller springs. More coils offer more points of support and are recognized as being a better quality bed.

Do you prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress?

The support system of foam mattresses can use multiple types of foam such as polyurethane foam, latex foam, or visco elastic foam known as memory foam. Foam mattresses can contain gel or other materials affecting the shape and density for different levels of comfort.

Do you look for resilience in a mattress?

Latex mattresses can be manufactured with all-natural or organic materials and appeal to the more eco-minded consumer. Latex is sourced from plant materials or petroleum-based materials. Allergy or asthma sufferers can rest assured on natural latex mattresses because they’re naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. Latex mattresses are responsive while distributing weight and relieving pressure, and they sleep cooler and minimize motion transfer.

Do you enjoy customizing your sleep experience?

Residential air beds are designed to look like conventional beds and use air chambers as a support system. Air-filled mattresses are covered with upholstered materials in various foams and fiber. Available models range from simple single chamber mattresses to those offering more sophisticated features with layers of foam, multiple chambers, and digital options like pump systems and remote controls. Simplistically designed air-filled mattresses with quality components are more durable and are recognized as the best air beds.

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In addition to considering your mattress preference, you may want to evaluate your sleep style.

Do you typically sleep on your side?

Sleeping on one’s side is the most ideal way of alleviating pressure from the back and joints. The spine is allowed to rest naturally in this position. Finding a mattress that conforms to the body’s curves is an important consideration while shopping for the ideal mattress.

Are you most comfortable sleeping on your tummy?

If you sleep on your stomach, then you probably don’t want to sink into the mattress. Avoiding foam and considering an innerspring, latex or air-filled mattress may better accommodate your body.

Is sleeping on your back more comfortable?

Sleeping on your back may be great for your neck and spine because the mattress functions to support the body. A sturdy coil system and plush padding will provide the best support if you do sleep primarily on your back.

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