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Home is considered to be a haven and ideally a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Your home is also a way of expressing yourself, whether to reflect upon yourself through your surroundings or to share something of yourself with others. When people walk into your home they are able to gain a fairly good sense of who you are through your decorative style and furnishings. So, how does your home portray your personality?

Nearly two dozen decorative styles have been recognized by leaders in the industry of interior design, but let’s simplify these popular styles by categorizing them into four genres. Real Simple has effectively identified Four Home Decorating Styles that will help define your personal style.

Features of the Sophisticated Classic style are delicate and feminine with dark wood, soft, neutral colors and luxurious fabrics. Modern Graphic is saturated in color and has clean lines with geometric or abstract patterns, a mixture of light and dark woods, and no additional adornment. Cozy Casual offers natural fabrics, rustic or distressed finishes, and traditional furniture. Vintage Eclectic layers looks from different eras with vintage elements, timeworn textures, weathered finishes, and a plethora of decorative accents. Blended Decorating Styles may also more accurately define your personal style through any combination of the noted styles.

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Elements of the Sophisticated Classic Style can be seen in this richly ornamented and detailed bedroom by American Drew Jessica McClintock Home in the Boutique Collection. The blending of materials and finishes adds even more romance and designer touches. Crafted from Oak and Pecan veneers, Silver Leaf, Metal and Marble, there is no denying the visual charm that this collection has to offer.

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Modern Graphic Style prevails in this stylish arrangement from the Flexsteel Digby Collection features a streamlined design infused with bold, contemporary style. This living room creates a sleek, minimalist grouping with chic track arms, tapered feet, and long horizontal lines.

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Cozy Casual Style invites you to curl up in your pajamas in this living room grouping from Paula Deen’s Down Home Collection. Inspired with a mix of English, French, Dutch and Early American styles, these pieces are designed to capture the easy going nature of Savannah with a mix of southern country styles, timeworn finishes, and feast of charming details. Poplar, a hardwood indigenous to that region, adds a truly unique quality to each item with a mineral composition that creates natural light and dark streaks. The rustic, distressed feel enhances these classic and comfortable pieces. Paula Deen’s Down Home collection proves that home really is where the heart is.

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The Flexsteel Latitudes Sting Ray Collection is exemplary of Vintage Eclectic Style. It’s a mistake to think that classic design means design that’s stuffy or boring. This livingroom arrangement is the exact opposite in its fashion-forward blend of traditional features and contemporary silhouettes that forms a truly dynamic and gorgeous look. Taking inspiration from the bustle back wing chair, this sofa and living room set shows off real red leather upholstery with a glam border of all-over nailhead studs while mixing in fabrics and patterns for a transitional appeal.

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The Robin Bruce Cindy Collection explores an arrangement with customized upholstered furniture that is elegantly designed with flair tapered arms, exposed wood legs, and loose pillows. It will create a warm and comforting living room space, and is a reflection of the Blended Decorating Style of Sophisticated Classic and Cozy Casual.

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