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Characteristics that differentiate expensive bedroom suites from inexpensive bedroom suites range from the quality of wood used to construct the furniture to details in the craftsmanship and other functional elements. Noted here are a few key ways to recognize the difference between them while shopping for new bedroom furniture.

Expensive bedroom suites will reveal significant attention to intrinsic detail in craftsmanship whereas a less expensive suite will have a lot less ornate detail elements.

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Construction of drawers on bedroom furniture also differentiates expensive from inexpensive bedroom furniture. Roller bearing side glides on your drawers allow for full extension and smooth operation. Dovetail joints are used to connect two pieces of wood together and ensures the integrity of the drawer. Because of the way the tails and pins are shaped, it’s difficult to pull apart and virtually impossible if glued. This technique ensures a very strong and durable drawer. The key construction in incorporating these features is more expensive and denotes quality in more expensive pieces.

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Less expensive drawers won’t fully extend and use a center wood glide instead of roller bearing side glides. The central glide doesn’t provide the same support and is not as sturdy. Another feature that signifies less expensive furniture is a glued and stapled drawer front.

Another distinguishing factor can be recognized by the difference is the finish of the furniture pieces. A twenty-five step finishing process will obviously be more expensive than a five step finish. Sanding, staining, and finishing are part of the process, and neglect at any of the stages can affect the overall quality of a piece. Wood that is not sanded properly will not take the stain evenly and can reveal blotchiness or scratches. A quality stain enhances the natural beauty of wood while adding color and character to it or even making one wood type look like another. A high quality finish is smooth and free of rough spots and extends to the back and underside of furniture to reduce chances of expansion or shrinking. A quality finish also has depth and richness. Pay attention to the details because quality wood furniture will have a good finish.

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Wood sources for furniture can also categorize them as expensive or inexpensive. Different woods used in furniture crafting can be classified as hard, soft, or engineered. The hard wood of deciduous trees like oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany and teak are often found in more expensive furniture. Good quality furniture can also be produced from the softer woods of coniferous trees such as pine, fir, redwood and cedar. Softer woods are prone to scuffs and dents, so caring for it is more difficult. Solid wood furniture is not as prevalent in modern furniture although you can still find it.   Inexpensive pieces are commonly constructed from engineered wood which is made through various processes that adhere wood chips or debris with glues. Consider what your wooden furniture is comprised of when evaluating it’s price point.

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It is not difficult to judge quality in wood furniture, and you don’t need to be an expert to do so. Look at the material, construction and finish because the way a piece of furniture is constructed can contribute to its beauty, functionality and also how long it will last.

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