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Are you familiar with The Bramble Company? They are a wholesale company with an exclusive range of furniture and accessories. The Bramble reputation has been built on the quality of its product. Founder and CEO, Robert Bramble, stated that they build up to a standard rather than down to a price, and that the Bramble quality is beyond what’s expected.

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The privately-owned Bramble factory extends over 17 acres of land in Java, Indonesia. Their primary market is North America, but their products are sold all over the world. They have a skilled workforce comprised of local artisans who are selected based on ability. The staff is European-trained and has American management. Bramble has gallery production on a large scale and quality control is taken seriously by incorporating several checkpoints prior to shipment.

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Bramble designs encompass many styles and cultures. The collections includes an array of styles from Cottage to Provence to Urban. They primarily use mahogany, high grade veneers, and solid wood paneling. The furniture is a good value because it’s mahogany, and the attention to detail is unsurpassed. All drawers are made with dovetailing, and furniture pieces are hand carved and hand painted. Finishes are achieved by hand, and custom finishing makes Bramble totally unique. The techniques have been used for generations. There are fifty colors and ten stains from which to choose. Bramble is recognized for distressed and aged looking pieces with an authentic antique effect. Light or extreme wood distressing is available with any finish and ranges from crackle to weathered. Bramble finishes are specially made on any item with any finish.

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Only sustainable wood is used in the manufacturing of Bramble products. They purchase lumber from certified Indonesian government forestry commission plantations. To offset the use of mahogany, Bramble embarked on a sustainability project by working with local villagers to actively replant trees. Five trees are planted for every one used in production, and almost a million trees have been planted over the past decade throughout Indonesia. The Bramble approach replants not only tree varieties used for the furniture trade, but also trees that have various uses for the villagers while helping reestablish village forests. The Bramble Co. Tree Planting Project supports responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes while bettering the lives of local villagers.


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