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The color white is commonly associated with the idea of cleanliness, crispness, and freshness. While these words may bring a laundry room or bathroom to mind, consider for a moment what the color white does when used in a bedroom. Not only will things feel cleaner and more orderly, but there’s just something about falling into a fluffy white bed that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

If something is bright white it’s likely very clean, but a white bedroom creates an atmosphere of simple elegance, order, and balance. Relaxing words, so to speak. In a room with a simple, pale color palate, relaxing becomes natural. If a bedroom is cluttered with various patterns, loud colors, and intricate designs relaxing will become a bit of a chore for the brain. That’s not to say that bedrooms can’t be fun and bright, but white bedrooms are quickly trending, and for good reason!

With the simplicity of white, any pale, neutral color will go seamlessly with the room, and things like linens, pillows, rugs, and decor will be easily matched in a pale palate. This will work as long as the base of the room is neutral. You can change the entire look of the room by changing out a few pillows, rugs or adding different curtains in any bright color you want to make pop. If the furniture is a bright color, adding pale or white decor, linens and rugs will make the furniture stand out beautifully in contrast.

When choosing bedding, it’s important to take into account your lifestyle, overall look of the room, and personal preference. White bedding isn’t practical for everyone, but the good news is, it can often be bleached. Keeping a white comforter bright and white can be a challenge in and of itself, so it needs to be easily washed, and duvets and covers make this easy, and if you ever want to change it out, it will be cheaper than buying a comforter. To have the same dreamy look without having to wash your comforter as often, choose a light neutral color such as pale gray or tan, use white sheets, and fold down the bedding when making the bed. Choosing sheets can be just as challenging as choosing a comforter. It is important to remember that white sheets can be easily washed and bleached, and will always match future styles, colors, and trends. For a look that makes a bedroom feel more relaxed, opt for linen sheets which naturally have slightly wrinkled look.

White bedrooms are simply heavenly. Take a peek at some of our favorite bedroom collections in white.

zaks white Ardenay_214-BUP-b1

Rustic meets a refined elegance with the Ardenay Bedroom Collection. Stunning details throughout the entire collection creates the master suite of your dreams. Delicate carvings include acanthus leaf details, framed drawers and fluted legs. The light, rustic finish has warm tones creating a found feeling that really brings out the beauty of the details.

zaks white 2 Coventry - 1831789821_32500-BHF-b2

Come home to the comfort of Coventry, a complete home collection. Full of country charm and a rustic simplicity, Coventry takes a refreshing approach to design, allowing you to make your home truly yours. A rugged Weathered Driftwood finish showcases the fine craftsmanship of the woodwork, while a two tone Weathered Driftwood & handpainted Dover White finish adds a subtle touch to soften the collection.

zaks white Farrah_395-BHF-b1

The Farrah Bedroom Collection is rich with glamorous accents and luxurious detailing. Complete your bedroom with everything from the bed to dressers, and mirror options. Each piece is finished in a multi-step process creating a silver, metallic finish complementing the antiqued mirrored panel border. The platinum fabric pieces are tufted with rhinestone buttons and nail head trim. Completing the glamorous style are custom nickel ring pulls.

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