Textiles can transform a room with minimal effort. From wool and linen to twill and cotton, fabrics can make a home look put together and polished while maintaining a homey feel. There are four types of textiles that are most commonly used. While every room may not need all four types, rooms can often benefit from containing at least one or two varying fabrics and textures.


 37f7c3146b84e6bc36a9e654f5f12ed7An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to rugs is that size does matter. As a general rule of thumb, rugs in the living room should be large enough so that at least the front legs of each piece of furniture can rest on the rug. This will help create the illusion of a larger space. For rugs used in the dining room, all chairs should still be completely on the rug when pulled out. After all, there’s few things more annoying than a wobbly chair because the back feet fell off the rug.

When it comes to rugs, choosing the colors, fabrics, and design is important. If you’re going to choose a loud statement rug, choose it first so you can build your other décor around it. Make sure it ties with the other neutrals you likely already have in the room, and then choose other accent pieces to accompany it. If you’re choosing neutrals, don’t choose the same color as your carpet, flooring, or large furniture in the room. This will cause the pieces to blend in. Choose a piece that works well with the colors you use in a darker or lighter shade.

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Throw pillows are helpful for making a couch look like it was bought to match the room. While it would be expensive to buy a new couch each time a trendy color came in style, throw pillows are lighter on the wallet and can accomplish the same matched feel. Pillows are the ideal place to add your pop of color without much commitment.acf22b507442f38b05a7e5ab5ef1e8a2

 When buying throw pillows, it’s often best to get varying sizes, shapes, and textures, and sometimes even varying patterns. Keep some neutrals so the pillows don’t compete with one another.


 Throws often add a cozy feel to a room. They can make a room feel more relaxed when draped over a chair or couch. Throws are a great way to add layers to your room as well. Does your ottoman seem empty? Add a serving tray with a throw underneath.5551c79133919c6606ae9db17ab68f32


While curtains may seem like an obvious part of a room, they’re often a forgotten textile that can give a room an entirely new feel. Whether they have your pop of color in them or not, choosing the right fabric and texture can make a world of difference in a room.


 Experimenting with different textiles in a space is cost effe Repeating colors in a room can give a cohesive designed look. Of course, there are no rules that apply in every situation when it comes to textiles, but these tips should provide a good start for your space.

Written by zaksfacts