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You’ve got beautiful furniture, the perfect couch, a wonderful throw, and pillows that add the perfect amount of flair. But it still feels like something is missing. Does this sound familiar? Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room, and often the most overlooked. An overhead light fills the room with direct lighting and often, we forget that adding other lighting options can make a space feel more complete.

There are two different types of lighting: task and mood. Task lighting is direct and bright. Simply put, its purpose is to illuminate the room so that you can see what you are doing. Mood lighting is indirect and subtle. It creates a soft glow in a small space and contributes to the overall feel of the room while still highlighting a room’s important features.

When it comes to attractively lighting a room, there are two things to remember:  use lighting where you need it and keep it balanced.

Using lighting only where it is needed sounds simple, but the trick is using it where it is needed all while keeping the room balanced. Lighting a room’s best features will give it a put together feel. It is important to keep in mind that it is possible to have too much lighting. A good rule of thumb is to light three of a room’s four corners, or in three areas. Layering lighting will provide an easy switch from daytime to nighttime lighting.

Layering lighting means combining task and mood lighting to highlight the focal points in a room. The most important element should have the most light, and the less important areas should have soft light directed on them. This will provide the most important elements of the room with the most emphases, and the lesser areas of the room will blend seamlessly into the background while still being illuminated.

Choosing the right light to use in a space should be easier once you identify the purpose the room serves and what purpose the lighting in that room will serve. The purpose of the room should not be hindered by lighting choices. For instance, if the room is used for reading, a lamp right beside the reader is the best choice. Be careful to choose lighting for the purpose it will serve and not at random.

Lighting can completely transform the feel of a room while making it more functional. Keep these things in mind when adding the final touches such as a lamp or wall sconce to your space.

We offer an extensive selection of Stein World lamps. These stylish lighting accents make creating a welcoming and memorable home easy!

This Simeon Glass table lamp by Stein World features a sea urchin stylized silver mercury glass base with ivory fabric shade. Its unique yet soft look is ideal for any transitional room in your house.

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The ​Italian Calico​ floor lamp by Stein World adds an attractive transitional accent to your home decor. The piece carries a golden brown finish and features Italian calico marble detailing. In addition, the taupe faux silk shade blends beautifully with the long base. You’ll be set with this floor lamp in almost any nook of your home.

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This L​edston Accent ​table lamp by Stein World has a ​smoked seeded glass orb on a brushed metal base that distinguishes this lamp from every other. Its unique appearance adds light and a focal point to any room for a contemporary look.

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This hand painted C​hantilly Uplight ​by Stein World features an ornate scroll resin base with a bronze finish and patterned amber frosted shade. It adds a lovely traditional feel to any room.


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The H​ardwick Floor Lamp ​b​y Stein World offers a traditional feature to any room. Fine details and a​ beautiful Walden Gray finish make it stand apart. An ecru silk shade completes its classic look. This lamp will add a delicate touch to any space in your home.

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The C​ape Horn ​table lamp by Stein World features an urn shell base and is an ideal piece that adds to transitional, tropical and coastal style living spaces.


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Our knowledgeable team at Zak’s Fine Furnishings looks forward to helping you select the next piece of furniture or accent piece to define your style at home. Stop by the showroom featuring quality brand names you have come to know and trust.


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