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Remember when you moved into your first place and your furniture was a hodgepodge of items that came from your parents’ home, a yard sale or Goodwill? Hey, you loved it no matter what it looked like – even if it wasn’t the most eye-pleasing scene to everyone!

These days, believe it or not, having a bunch of mismatched items in your home is considered pretty cool. Who wants perfectly a matched sofa, chairs, lamps and carpets when you can have your very own unique and diverse style? Eclectic might be another word for it. Unique and distinctive are others you might prefer.

The key to making odd items fit and look like they belong is to have a plan without appearing to have a plan. If, for example you have two different colored sofas or chairs, say dark green and wine, in your living room try to bring them together by putting pillows of the opposite color on either one, i.e. wine pillow on a green chair. If you have even more pieces with varying colors try to bring the room together by using patterned pillows that feature the colors in all the pieces. You can also bring the room together with picture frames, lamps or throws in the same tones.

Mismatched furniture in a bedroom is an easy fix because you can paint any and all pieces. If you want a monochromatic look, go with the same color on all the pieces but if you want more of a unique theme, you can paint them two or three different hues. You can also paint the hardware or even change it up. Once again, you can tie the room together by using pillows in complementary colors on the bed, chair or even the drapes.

The bedding and pillows on this upholstered bed from the Jofran Geneva Hills Collection bring an eclectic look to your bedroom.

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One of the most fun rooms to decorate is your kitchen or dining room. Even if you happen to have a matching table and chairs, you can ramp up the look by painting both – and not in the same colors. Want to take it an extra step for an ultra-cool look? Paint every chair a different color, all of which tie back to the table color. Cabinets or shelving can also be painted, either the same color or if you want to go wild, paint them different colors and stencil on some designs!

The balance of unique pieces in this transitional style dining room by Pulaski Furniture Accentrics is enhanced by aged patina finishes and evocative hues that add charm and character.

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Unique distressing, statement colors, and perfect scale make these pieces from the Jofran Craftsman Collection ideal for any room!

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You can pick up some great mismatched pieces at Zak’s, an antique or thrift store or a yard sale and go to work on giving your rooms your very own unique touch. Add paint to freshen up a chair, reupholster a sofa or loveseat…go wild! Remember, having your own unique flair and straying from the norm can be a great thing!

Written by zaksfacts