Who’s the fairest of them all? Perhaps the mirror is a decorator’s best kept secret.  They are like movable windows that can add the illusion of both extra square footage and light to a room.  While some designers claim that there’s no rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Mirrors should reflect something you believe is beautiful. Do you have a favorite piece of art? Did you just spend days perfecting that fireplace mantle? Do you love your wall decor? Place a mirror across from it. Placing a mirror to reflect something you love in a room will provide that much more charm. A trick for adding more light to a room without actually adding a light source is to place a mirror across from a window. This will reflect a soft glow, weather permitting, from the window and will make the room brighter without the addition of lamps or other lighting.

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  • Add (imaginary) space to a room by placing a large mirror on a wall that you would like to seem roomier. Tight rooms seem to expand when a big mirror is in the space. While it won’t actually make your room bigger, it will certainly look larger. It will also seem like there is a window, which will open up the room. Nothing makes a small space feel bigger like faked square footage through the clever use of a big mirror.

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  • Use mirrors as art. Whether using several mirrors together on the same wall or simply using one large one with a decorative frame, mirrors can be the focal point in a room. Using them as an integral aspect in the design of a room can give it a polished feel. Mirrored wall art is becoming popular, and sometimes it’s just what a space needs.

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While adding a mirror to a space won’t solve all of your decorating woes, its certainly a good option to consider when you’re experiencing decorator’s block. They’re not only beautiful and can serve many different purposes, but they’re often cost effective and easy to find.

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Written by zaksfacts