What do I need to know before buying a lift chair?

Are you ready to invest in a lift chair to simplify life for you or a loved one?   Have you been overwhelmed by the available styles and selections? We have outlined a product evaluation to assist you in choosing the chair that is right for you.

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair, also known as a recliner chair, features a mechanical base that lifts the seated person from a sitting position to a standing position.

Why choose a lift chair?

A lift chair can assist with comfort, mobility and safety for the elderly or disabled.

What are the reclining features of lift chairs?

There are several basic varieties of lift chairs. The two-position chair has a lift and slight recline position.   In addition to these positions, the three-position chair will recline to an extent that allows people to sleep. The infinite position allows the chair to lengthen fully flat while the back and the feet move individually.   Similar to the infinite position chairs are chairs with the zero gravity position. These chairs use two motors that offer the additional ability to place the seated person into a ‘zero gravity position’ in which the person’s legs are above the heart.

What other elements should I consider?

After you have determined which features best suit your needs, you also need to decide what size chair will best accommodate you. Chairs are sized according to the user’s weight and height. Should the remote control be on the left or right? Do you need storage components? Some chairs also offer heat and massage options.

Which collection offers the ideal chair for me?

There are several selections from which to choose.


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Now that you have reviewed available models and considered which features are ideal for you, it’s time to decide what will best complement your personal taste and home décor. What type of upholstery do you prefer – leather or fabric? Would you like a pillow arm or exposed wood?

You also need to consider where you will place your new lift chair. Estimate the space that it will require when fully extended.

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Written by zaksfacts