When was the last time you truly sat down as a family and shared a warm meal around the dining room table?  Thanksgiving probably comes to mind with a birthday celebration or planned dinner party as close seconds.  This piece of furniture has transformed into something other than just a gathering place for meals.  It has suddenly become the landing spot for today’s newspaper, the office space for the stay-at-home crafter, and the centerpiece for deterring an opponent in a game of “tag”.

The dining room table has served multiple purposes in homes except for what it was originally intended.  Is that necessarily a bad thing?  Today’s families are incredibly overwhelmed running Lucy to soccer practice, Johnny to clarinet lessons, and picking up the dry-cleaning that dinner is all too often served through a window directly into the tiny hands reaching up from the back seat.  However, walking through the entry-way to any home, the dining room table is almost always a focal point.  It’s surrounded by empty chairs, has beautiful flowers in the center, and charming placemats with chargers and napkins delicately placed atop.  It’s an inviting structure.

zaks dining 10.20.15 collections-american_drew-jessica mcclintock home - the boutique collection_217w-dcp-b1

Jessica McClintock Home – The Boutique Collection Formal Dining Room Group

Understanding the multiple purposes it serves is an important factor when purchasing a dining room table.  Choose something that effectively represents your family’s style and schedule.  Consider the future and envision some of the events that will unfold while sitting around the table.  How often you have formal dinners and entertain guests could quickly determine the size and quality of the table that best fits your needs.  Also, consider the fact that dining room tables are not just for dining.

This unwritten rule that the dining room table can only be used for lavish Sunday dinners Mom has slaved over for hours has expired.  While dinner at the table on a nightly routine is ideal and a wonderful time to spend with family, the table itself serves as much, much more.  It is where families gather for intense battles in family-game-night fun and also where Lucy announces to the family that she has been accepted to her first-choice college.  It acts not only a place to be served, but as a place to create memories that will last a lifetime.

zaks dining 10.20.15 collections-hooker_furniture-chatelet_5350-drp-b1

Hooker Furniture Chatelet

Capture the charm and character of the Chatelet collection. This dining group creates an atmosphere of livable luxury, with distressed finishes, dramatic shaping, and elegant touches of antique mirrored glass. Though inspired by castles of Old Europe, Chatelet was designed with modern convenience in mind.  Add chic vintage style to your dining room with this Traditional piece from Chatelet.

zaks 10.16.15 collections-magnussen_home-bellamy - 1088781763_d2491-drp-b4


Magnussen Home Bellamy

Choose the Bellamy dining group for unforgettable, timeless design that’s anything but boring and stuffy.  It’s hip, eclectic distressed gray wood finish is ideal when looking for Transitional Traditional furniture.  This sturdy, solid wood dining group ages well as your family grows and changes and is multifunctional in living spaces for the modern home.

zaks dining products-liberty_furniture-color-weatherford 645_645-gt5454-b0

Liberty Furniture Weatherford

The rustic and casual style of the Weatherford dining group makes it easy to incorporate into almost any home.  Complete your dining space with casual, character-filled style featuring a weathered gray finish and beige linen upholstery.  This collection is a great option if you are looking for Casual furniture.

zaks dining 10.20.15 collections-universal-new bohemian_450-drl-b2

Universal New Bohemian

For those who love to wander and wonder, those who relish in the thrill of discovery and seek adventure at every corner, New Bohemian offers a unique mix of elements, shapes, and textures designed to capture a mosaic of life experiences already evident in your home. The dining room group encourages self expression, with a rustic Bohemian Oak finish, traditional silhouettes, and exquisite detailing meant to be layered with your own favorite finds and beloved accents. This collection effortlessly weaves eclectic elements into pieces with an authentic sense of Transitional style. So go ahead. Break the rules. Explore the beauty and artistry that life has to offer. New Bohemian awaits you at home, a reflection of your spirited sense of style and personal adventures.

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Written by zaksfacts