In many homes, the room with the fireplace is usually the gathering place for family and friends and during Christmas, its mantle and hearth can be transformed to reflect the season.

Following are some wonderful decorating ideas for your mantle during the holidays:


  • One of the easiest ways to transform your mantle for Christmas is with a beautiful wreath, decorated with holly and ribbon.
  • Add some decorative jars to your mantle and place twinkle lights behind them. Use some greenery, like poinsettias or holly to add a pop of color.
  • Fill Advent calendar pouches with the names of family members or friends and string them across the mantle. Whoever is Santa’s helper that day, let them choose an activity from the appropriate pouch.
  • Fill the fireplace with logs, lay a simple spray of greenery across the top and add vintage stockings. Wrap a few presents in simple red and white or green and white and add them on the side of the hearth, along with a poinsettia or two.
  • Instead of using a wreath atop the mantle, use one shaped like a star. Add small white lights if you so desire, along with greenery across the mantle. Put a small tree decorated with lights to the hearth and add some red and green ribbon and attach tiny ornaments just below the mantle.
  • If you have an all white room, complete with a white fireplace, hang white stockings from the mantle. Add a bit or red or green by using candles.
  • Add some holiday artwork above the mantle, then use pine cones and greenery the length of the mantle. For a little sparkle, add some ornaments and even some small white lights.
  • Instead of a green wreath, place a big silver jingle bell wreath over the mantle, along with a couple of silver glass trees on the mantle. Hang some white burlap stockings, decorated with red for a bit of color.
  • Go rustic by placing an oversized chalkboard atop the mantle with a holiday phrase written on it. Have burlap stockings dangling from the mantle and add some twinkle lights entwined in some greenery across the mantle.
  • Place decorative little trees in different colors across the length of the mantle, add a garland of green and a glittery ornament or two.
  • Hang vintage wooden sock forms from the mantle, place silver (or gold) letters that spell out Peace, Noel or Merry Christmas across the mantle, along with wooden stars and trees.


There are any number of beautiful ways to decorate your fireplace and mantle for Christmas that won’t require too much work. And if you don’t have a lot of time just remember simply placing poinsettias on either side of the mantle will definitely add flare to the fireplace.

Written by zaksfacts