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Ever had a favorite piece of furniture that was such a prized possession that you never allowed anyone to sit on it or even get close to? You might have even closed off the room where it was for fear of someone spilling something on it and ruining it.

You’ll never have to worry about that again if you purchase furniture that features Revolution Fabrics by STI, a true performance fabric that is bleach safe and virtually impossible to stain – even in white.

You’re thinking this is too good to be true, right? Nope, it isn’t. Revolution Fabrics are indeed the real deal. Woven with 100 percent Olefin yarn, a Nobel Prize winning fiber, it is known for its strength, color fastness and resistance to staining, mildew, abrasion and sunlight.

It’s also exceptionally durable, antimicrobial and you won’t have to worry about it pilling or becoming fuzzy. On top of all that, Revolution Fabrics is 100 percent free of chemicals, it’s environmentally friendly, it will never wear off and it’s made in America.

Spill a little mustard or chocolate on the sofa? No problem. Drop a glass of wine or cup of coffee on your most comfortable chair? Piece of cake. Cleaning is easy – just use a little soap and water or any household cleaner and it’ll be just like new.

The fabric comes in a wide array of colors and styles – and we carry a number of pieces of furniture here at Zaks Fine Furniture finished with this amazing material.

Among the many pieces we offer is the Craftmaster Sofa with Pewter Nails, which features fully upholstered seat cushions that can easily be flipped and rotated.


The Craftmaster 3-Piece Sectional, which also features Revolution Fabrics and plush upholstery, sits at least five comfortably and offers a resilient comfort and customizable style. With that many people sharing a sofa, you’d likely worry about food or drink stains – but not with Revolution Fabrics.

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What about the Craftmaster Sleeper Sofa, known for it’s comfort and style? A perfect addition to any home, it’s nearly impossible to stain and it’s exceptionally sturdy and durable.


Can you imagine never stressing again about ruining your favorite pieces of furniture? That can easily become a reality – just come see us and we’ll be happy to show you our fabulous Revolution Fabrics line.

Written by zaksfacts