It’s that most wonderful time of the year and you’re looking for new ways to decorate your home for Christmas… we’ve got some great ideas that will definitely get you and your home in the holiday spirit!


  • During Christmas, you can never really have too much glitter and gold so pick up some gold-colored table accents, find some glittery accents, add some eye-catching red (a poinsettia would be perfect) for your living room or sitting room.


  • Grab assorted glass jars, place lights in them and add them to your front porch, along with some greenery and holly.


  • Decorate your light fixtures. If you have chandeliers in your house, use some festive ribbon and add some beautiful glass ornaments to add holiday cheer.


  • Decorate your foyer with a small Christmas tree, poinsettias, and holiday artwork to really put visitors in the holiday spirit.


  • Pine cones, particularly the cinnamon-scented ones, can really spice up a room. Add them to your mantle, place them in glass jars on your hearth, along with some lights, or use them in centerpieces with some holly or red, silver, and gold oversized ornaments.


  • Use plastic or clear glass ornaments filled with cinnamon sticks, twigs, dried fruit, etc. to add Christmas flavor to your porch.


  • Put beautifully decorated wreaths not only on your doors but use them to decorate your mantle or even use them as centerpieces for your dining room table.


It’s Christmas so you can never have too much red, green, white and blue to decorate your children’s rooms. Also, get that old decorative nutcracker out and place it in a prominent place in the living room or den and go crazy with the red/black or red/green plaid placemats and table runners. It’s the holidays so embrace the season!

Written by zaksfacts