Who doesn’t love exploring all the latest trends – and then figuring out how to implement them into our own homes? It’s spring and for many of us that means it’s the perfect time to start looking at new furniture, colors and designs.

In 2016 it seems the home decor movement is geared towards taking it easy, using warm, soft hues to go along with natural textures and made-to-measure furniture as pictured above in this French inspired bedroom group by Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home.

When it comes to wall colors, the go-to shades seem to be pastel pink rose quartz and powder blue serenity – dusty pink and pale blue to those of us who might be a little challenged when it comes to the nuances of hues – which give a very cool and fluid atmosphere to a room.

Indeed, whether you opt for wallpaper or paint, in 2016 the trend is definitely comfortable and calming, almost simplistic. If you’re not into the pinks and blues, alabaster and white, yes, plain ol’ white, are other ways to go.

When it comes to fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, don’t panic if you went with brass, copper, gold or even rose gold in 2015 because those colors are still the “in” tones. One thing you might consider is adding natural materials, like wood or marble, for a timeless look.

Regarding furniture, believe it or not, the style continues to be making new things look old. Adding roughness to an environment is that otherwise sterile might seem a bit too eclectic for but one thing is sure, it definitely offers up a distinctive and unique atmosphere. What about utilizing salvaged wood and used metals… try it, bet you love it!

If you’re not into that kind of furniture, another trend points to building your own, so to speak. Many online companies now allow consumers to customize their furniture by picking finishes, colors, fabrics and sizes. Some even tout the fact that they can create your chosen furniture in any shape, regardless of the material it’s made from.

And…believe it or not, lots of people are loving the 70s again. Yes, that’s right, that decade’s furnishings, at one time considered a bit garish, are making a comeback of sorts. There are once again plenty of bold geometric patterns, sheepskin, walnut and metals out there and those wonderful colors – avocado green, orange and grey – are again acceptable.

Guess it’s true what they say about everything coming back into style eventually!

Written by zaksfacts